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The California Mineral Education Foundation offers links to websites that provide teaching resources such as posters, videos, mineral kits and general information.  Please let us know if any of these links are no longer available and/or do not meet proper classroom criteria.


American Geological Institute

The American Geological Institute is a nonprofit federation of 40 geoscientific and professional associations that represent more than 100,000 geologists, geophysicists, and other earth scientists. AGI plays a major role in strengthening geoscience education, and strives to increase public awareness of the vital role the geosciences play in mankind's use of resources and interaction with the environment.


Careers in Geoscience (Guide to careers & employers, job profiles, classifieds, FAQs)


Earth Science Week (Activities, competitions, news)



Educational Resources  (On-line database provides an extensive list of educational resources and materials. Each item is described briefly; supplementary information lists the general subject matter, grade level, nature (medium) of the material, cost, and any necessary ordering information.)


Investigating Earth Systems (IES) is a modular, standards-based, Earth Science curriculum for the middle grades with online supplements to purchased materials.


EarthComm  is an Earth Science curriculum that focuses attention on high school.  This website contains resources for teachers, and students including Natural Resources, Environment and Geosphere. Activity modules: Volcanoes, plate tectonics, earthquakes, bedrock geology, land use planning, mineral resources, etc.


Geotimes Magazine - Online news & features.


Arizona Mining Association

The association's mission is to acquire and disseminate educational, business and scientific information that is essential to the formation of sound public policies affecting the Arizona copper mining industry.


Educators (Arizona minerals with emphasis on copper mining)

From the Ground Up (General information on mining and minerals is adapted from Out of the Rock, which was developed by the National Energy Foundation with funding provided by the United States Bureau of Mines.  Links provide general mineral resource and mining information in a question-answer format.)


Teacher Prepared Resources that may be ordered  (Information organized by grade level.)

Useful links

Member Companies


Other mining organizations


Busy Teachers’ WebSite K-12

Multi subject site designed to provide teachers with direct source materials, lesson plans/classroom activities with a minimum of site-to-site linking.



Rocks & Minerals  (Features links to an extensive catalog of minerals and their properties, organized by name, by class, and other groupings.)

Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Plate Tectonics   (Features multiple links to each subject area)

Lesson Plans/Classroom Activities  (Features links to sites with lesson plans - some Canadian)


Penn State University College of Earth & Mineral Sciences

Extensive list of website links by subject category.

Earth Science  (links to climate, oceanographic, geological & satellite information)

Geology of Mojave  (Maps, images, teachers packet - USGS)

Rocks & Minerals  (wide selection of links to rocks, gems, mines & mineral resources)

Teacher Resources  (links to lesson plans & lab experiments, discussion groups & more)

Kids (K-12)  (online articles, exhibits & experiments)


California Department of Conservation

Gateway to individual agency sites dealing with the following:

Mine Reclamation

The Office of Mine Reclamation

  • Abandoned Mine Lands
  • Reclamation
  • Reporting & Compliance
  • SMARA (Surface Mining and Reclamation Act)
    • Historic Gold Mines (Map)
    • State Rock (Serpentine)
    • State Gem (Benitoite)
    • State Mineral (Gold)
      • Earth and Space Science
      • Geology
      • Plate tectonics
      • Rock cycle
        • The Gold Country Today
        • Introduction (brief history)
        • The Mining Camps (descriptions, history, & pictures)
        • Gold Country Links
        • The Gold Rush (history & images)
          • Grades K-3
          • Grades 4-8
          • Grades 9-12
            • Browse Subjects
            • Browse Keywords
              • Educational Programs
              • Education
              • Educational Links (Organized by subject.)
              • Educational Materials (Downloadable lesson plans, classroom materials, fact sheets,
                • About NMA
                • Publications
                • Facts About Minerals (Order Form)
                • Forty Common Minerals & Their Uses (Downloadable)
                • What Mining Means to Americans (Booklet on importance of mining to everyday 
                     life - free to teachers.)
                • Links (Member company websites)
                  • Mining & Education
                  • Project of the Month
                    • Rock Smart
                    • Learn by Touring
                    • Links
                    • The Quarry Story
                      • For Students
                      • How it Works
                      • The Quarry Process
                      • Transportation
                      • Aggregate Uses
                      • Geology
                      • Visitor Guide & Activity Book (downloadable in PDF format)
                        • Minerals (descriptions)
                        • Mining Info
                        • Exploring for Minerals
                        • Links to Mining Related Sites
                        • Mineral Information, Photos
                        • Mines Make Good Neighbors
                        • Mining Engineers; What do they do?
                        • Open Pit Mining
                        • Stories About Mining, Mining Life
                        • State of Mining in California
                        • Articles About Mining
                        • Post Mining Land Reclamation
                        • Why Should We Mine?
                        • Movies (gold mining)
                        • Need Mining
                        • Earth Quakes
                          • Basics
                          • Geologic Maps
                          • Plate Tectonics
                          • Rocks & Minerals
                          • Geologic Time
                          • Glossary
                          • Education Resources
                          • Park Geology
                          • Mojave
                          • Sunset Crater
                          • Lake Mead
                          • Lassen
                          • North Cascades
                          • Joshua Tree - Earthquake!
                          • Devils Postpiles
                          • Death Valley
                          • Yosemites

Geological Survey (A wealth of information on California minerals and geology)


Hazardous Minerals (Asbestos, mercury, and radon)

Mineral Resources (Maps, reports, and data to assist, in recognizing, developing, and protecting important mineral resources)

Mineral Production (Summary of annual non-fuel mineral production, mining events and mining legislation)

Educational Resources (Resources for teachers and others who are interested in making earth science learning more meaningful; K-12)

CGS Notes (Contains the answers to commonly asked questions about California's Geology)

Teacher Features (A regular feature of CALIFORNIA GEOLOGY magazine, intended for use by educators in the classroom.

California Has Its Faults

Teacher Resource Center (Tools for classroom instruction related to earth sciences. Any California schoolteacher may borrow materials from the State’s TRC)


California Natural Resource Fun Page

Geology & Earth Science

Volcano World

On line maps & Data (Includes the Seismic Hazards Mapping Web Page to allow you to interactively view Seismic Hazards Mapping data)


Eisenhower National Clearinghouse

Acquires & catalogs a comprehensive collection of math and science curriculum resources for K-12 educators, parents and students.  All information is downloadable.


Science Topics


The California Gold Country – Highway 49 Revisited by Elliot H. Koeppel

If you're interested in the California Gold Country, the Virtual Tour starts here. Browse through the online version of The California Gold Country: Highway 49 Revisited....visit the old mining camps, see the sights, learn their history, all without leaving the comfort of your desktop.


The Geological Society of America

The GSA provides access to elements that are essential to the professional growth of earth scientists at all levels of expertise and from all sectors.

Education & Teacher Resources


The Earth Has a History - grades 5-9 (Teacher Packet accompanies GSA's educational video.)

Sugar Cube Karst - grades K-3 (This activity helps kids explore the way water moves through a porous, soluble substance.)

Towel Geology - grades K-12 (Introduces basic stratigraphy, folding, faulting, uplift, plate tectonics, etc.)

Real Fake Rocks - grades 4-8 (Students gain an understanding of rock attributes such as color, pattern, texture, and form by making their rocks look real.)

            Online Resources (Takes you to K-12 education Links page.)

Links (Information about resources is tailored to the National Standards and to different grade levels. GSA's Subaru Distinguished Earth Science Educator has compiled this annotated list of K-12 Education Links for teachers.)


Gold Discover Park Association 
Gold Rush History, events, and other information about gold discovery.


The Gold Institute

The Institute provides downloadable information on Gold and links to member companies worldwide.

Facts about Gold (includes history, production, and physical properties)

Gold Uses (electronics, lasers, medicine, industry)

Mining & the Environment (includes site planning, reclamation & environmental protection

Production & Jobs (includes state-by-state information)


The Gateway to Educational Materials (sponsored by the US Dept. of Education)

This search engine provides educators with access to thousands of educational resources found on various federal, state, university, non-profit, and commercial Internet sites.

Search by subject, keyword, title, and/grade level.  Browse through lists organized by subject or keywords. Access high quality lesson plans, curriculum units and other educational resources on the Internet!



Geoprime Minerals

On line purchase of geo-instructional rocks and minerals (located in Victorville, CA)


Kentucky Geological Survey – Earth Science Education Network

(hosted by the University of Kentucky)

Key words from the National Science Education Standards are used as links to the World Wide Web.  Web sites have been selected specifically for their usefulness to teachers and students.  The Key Words are listed by grade level.

National Science Education Standards (Provides excellent links to websites that address each subject area by grade level & subject!

Key Earth Science Links (Important links to earth science topics (i.e., dinosaurs, volcanoes, etc.) on the World Wide Web are also arranged alphabetically.)

Classroom Activities (Handouts and instructions for classroom demonstrations and activities can be downloaded directly.)


P&H Mining Equipment – Mineral Education Resources

Provides a listing of a wide variety of mineral education materials including six different videos (most available w/o charge to educators) and provides links to other Mineral Education providers.


Mineral Information Institute

MII is a national not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating you about the science of minerals and other natural resources, and about their importance in our everyday lives.

MII develops and distributes a series of Teacher Helper packets to supplement existing K-12 classroom curricula. Each packet contains color posters, lesson plans, information, and student activity pages. This the premier site for FREE mineral education resources!

For Teachers Only (Free download of lessons, activities, guides, student pages, backgrounders, and more.)

Poster Packets (preview content and order form)

Homework Help for Students (download Maps, Photos and Minerals by State)

Elements for Life (Interactive Periodic Table.)

Reclamation Stories (download my mineral type)

Links to More Teacher Resources

Educational Materials (Interactive Periodic Table.)


National Energy Foundation

NEF develops, produces, and provides affordable supplementary instructional materials about natural resources. Instructional posters, teacher’s guides, and other materials are teacher-tested and user-friendly. Maintains an excellent selection of online links to earth science teacher resources sites.


Catalog (great selection of affordable energy and mineral related teaching materials)

On-line (links to “Out of Rock” an online supplement to NEF’s great classroom text.  Provides a full tour of how rocks & minerals are mined, processed & converted to a product in your home.)

Graduate Credit (Teachers can earn one or two semester hours of graded graduate credit while using NEF materials to teach their students.  Credit is issued through Utah State University.)

Teachers Links & Student Links (Deals exclusively with energy issues.)


State of Nevada Commission on Mineral Resources

Minerals Education Directory

Educational materials compiled by the State and the Nevada Mining Association including a large number of downloadable fact sheets on minerals and their uses in our daily lives and links to other mineral education resources.


National Mining Association

NMA’s Mineral Education Resource Guide provides a well organized listing and comprehensive review of supplemental K-12 classroom materials and curricula, keyed to national science and social studies standards. Call NMA for availability.

The site provides downloadable information dealing with mining, mineral, and coal production & consumption, common minerals & their uses.


National Association of Geoscience Teachers

The association maintains an excellent list of sites of specific interest to Geology and Earth Science educators.


Physical Geology Lab Manual (This companion site provides links to relevant sources of information for each of the 16 labs in the Laboratory Manual in Physical Geology. These sites provide information for greater understanding of topics, and provide information for Internet-based questions that appear in the lab manual. Note: This actually is a very good list of mineral-related websites arranged by subject!)


Nevada Mining Association

The Association provides several online examples of mining related lesson plans and classroom activities suitable for K-12.


Rocks and

This company specializes in online sales of rocks, mineral samples, fossils, and other earth science supplies. Also offered is a good selection of Videos, Posters, and CD ROM/software based mineral education materials. Innovative lesson plans/classroom activities are available for purchase through their Mineral Information Finder. There are some really unique Links to other Rock & Mineral sites in addition to information on meteorites, plate tectonics, geologic time, and fossils. A large selection of the featured materials are available in Spanish.


Women In Mining Mineral Resources for Teachers

A straight forward site dedicated to educating students, teachers and the general public about the importance of minerals.

About Minerals (downloadable information on a variety of subjects relating to rock & mineral use in our every day lives.)

Classroom Activities (downloadable selection of teacher tested lesson plans/classroom activities.)

Games (downloadable games turn your classroom into a mineral education fun center.)

Links (an extensive list of links organized by subject matter

About WIM (provides a link to WIM’s California chapter where teachers can request training and in-class help.)

Operation Respect (mine safety information in PDF format)

WIM Sample Booklet (large collection of downloadable classroom activities used by WIM)


University of South Dakota Earth Science Department

Directory of Geosciences Departments on the WWW (A complete alphabetical listing of online links to the Geosciences Departments at U.S. and Canadian colleges and university.)

Careers in the Geosciences


Rogers Group, Inc.

Rockology 101 – A place for students of all ages to learn about aggregates.


Vulcan Materials Company

Vulcan Materials Company is one of the major suppliers of construction aggregate in California and the U.S., with sites through the central and southern part of the State.

Social Responsibility

Teacher Center (classroom ready materials - downloadable in PDF format)


Martin Marietta Materials

Martin Marietta is a major U.S. supplier of construction materials, and places education at the center of its community outreach programs.


Mine Engineer.Com

Provides mining, gold, copper, coal, and mineral processing information.


United States Geologic Survey (Geology in the Parks)

Focus on California Geology with great pictures and graphics! This site is a collaborative effort of the USGS and the National Park Service. Information is provided at a variety of technical levels starting at middle school level. If you are interested in more detail, simply work your way through each site and you'll find that our presentation becomes increasingly specialized and uses more technical language. Much of the information is aimed specifically at teachers. Most scientific terms and highlighted as links to an online glossary.